Chris Rockway Tapped As Newest Fleshjack Boy

AUSTIN, Texas—Chris Rockway, an adult performer with Randy Blue’s roster of men, has been selected as the latest Fleshjack Boy.

Rockway is one of those guys who helped define the look and feel of Randy Blue. His suave handsome features and incredibly hot body endeared him to fans of the site overnight and brought in countless more. He's been a porn star stud on the site, a vampire, a detective and a total bastard in our movies, but he's done it all with such an intense sexuality and dramatic flair that you can't help but pop a boner anytime you see him on screen.

Rockway had his mouth, butt and penis molded for the Fleshjacks. The butt version comes with the Euphoria or the Squeeze textures. The Euphoria texture is exclusive to Rockway’s item, and features a crazy compilation of horizontal lines, diagonal nubs and alternating bumps.

The mouth Fleshjack featuring Rockway has the Swallow texture, and the Chris Rockway dildo is an exact replica of his penis.

The mouth and anal Fleshjacks retail for $79.95 while the dildo retails for $59.95.

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