Calvista Takes On Distro of Joydivision

MELBOURNE, Australia—Calvista have now taken on distribution in Australia and New Zealand for the German brand, Joydivision, commencing with the release of the innovative Joyballs Secret and popular Original Soft-Tampons.

The fast-selling Joyballs Secret are discreet, stringless loveballs which feature an exceptionally attractive design that strengthens the vaginal muscles in a unique way. The patented retrieval tab is worn inside the body and makes the Joyballs Secret easy to insert and remove.

The Original Soft-Tampons are an innovative and convenient product allowing women to continue certain activities during menstruation. The Soft-Tampon is highly absorbent, adapts to the female anatomy and has a handy pull-tab making it easy to insert and remove with just one finger. Through dermatological and clinical testing, the well-established and individually packaged tampons are safe and hygienic to use. Made from environmentally friendly, non-toxic sponge material they contain no chemical substances.

“Widening our range with quality products such as the Joyballs and Soft-Tampons assists our retailers to maximize sales opportunities by catering for the expanding and specific consumer desires. Joydivision are a trusted international brand with reliable and top quality products,” said Calvista CEO Michael Bassett.

Joydivision has become one of the leading European manufacturers of erotic products since establishment in 1994 and produce high-quality products with continuous development of new goods and trends.

To place an order or for further information, contact Calvista on 1800 012 221 or email [email protected].