Bathmate Hydrodouche Hits the Market

Bathmate's recently released HydroDouche, the ultimate in personal hygiene products, was seen at last month's Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo in Burbank (pictured above). Now, the gravity-controlled shower cleaning system is being shipped to distributors and stores, along with an innovative in-store point-of-sale package.

Bathmate has boasted that its new gravity-fed douche is one of the safest and best-performing products in its class. Constructed using body-safe materials, the HydroDouche comes with a lifetime guarantee. "It is an amazing design, comfortable and easy to use," a company representative said.

The HydroDouche is transported easily in its branded travel bag and can be set up in minutes. According to V Days and Danny Knecht—the owners of Brand One, the U.S. partners of the U.K.-based Bathmate—the company saw “strong sales gain after a great AMNE.”

Bathmate won a StorErotica Award in 2013, and the company promises it has even more innovative products in store for 2015.