Baci Returning to ILS, Scheduling Appointments

MIAMI—Baci Lingerie USA, the leader in affordable luxury lingerie, is encouraging retailers to schedule their Baci booth appointments early in preparation for this spring’s International Lingerie Show.

Happening March 26-28 at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, ILS is the preeminent tradeshow for North American and international soft good manufacturers, distributors and retailers. This year Baci plans on featuring their Black and Whites Labels, their Starlight eyelash collection as well as Dreams, the brand’s collection of sexy bedroom costumes for women. 

“Two years ago, Baci debuted at the International Lingerie Show, the likes of which had never been seen in the intimate apparel industry,” said Alicia Sinclair, national sales director for Baci Lingerie USA. “Our presence was felt immediately.  Since then, attendees have realized that the Baci booth is now an absolute destination while at this convention. Each member of the Baci team is dedicated to provide his or her full attention to those who plan visiting our booth. An appointment with a Baci sales representative will ensure retailers that they are receiving the highest level of customer service.”

Difficult to miss, the Baci booth has grown in reputation to become the crown jewel on the ILS convention floor.  Presented like a showroom, the hardwood, pearl colored and chandelier-laden alcove is always bustling during show hours. During this spring’s ILS, all Baci sales representatives, including regional reps, will be on hand to help assist retailers with ordering as well as introducing the brand to new attendees who are interested in carrying the Baci brand. 

“Often, attendees don’t have the luxury of time at tradeshows, we want to make their experience with us as accommodating as possible,” Sinclair said. “While showcasing each of the Baci collections in living color, our booth is haven for us to converse with retailers discuss new ideas with them and assist them wherever needed so that they are confident that the Baci name is the right choice for their business.”

To schedule an appointment with Baci Lingerie USA at the ILS show email [email protected].

Those who need to be assigned a sales representative may contact Alicia Sinclair at [email protected], (888) 688-BACI (2224), mobile: (818) 427-2667, or fax: (855) 329-BACI (2224),