Baci Products Now Available From Eropartner

VAN NUYS, Calif.—Baci Lingerie announced it has inked a deal with Eropartner Distribution for product distribution in Europe.

“We are excited to be working with Eropartner as they are such renowned and trusted distributors who have gained customer loyalty by the means of product assortment as well as order optimization. I have faith that our partnership will provide us continued success in the industry,” said Helle Panzieri, Baci’s global sales director. 

Originally introduced in 2010, Baci’s White Label features intricate designs, quality materials and luxurious package photography, all at an affordable price point. White Label offers everything from panties to teddies to more edgy fetish inspired looks. 

Currently, Baci has developed all new packaging and photography using new models who are more women friendly and certainly easier to identify with.  Intentionally simplified, the large, full-panel images draw consumers’ full attention to the garments and design details. Continuing Baci’s vision to empower all women regardless of size Baci has continued to develop their plus sizes offerings, and many of the 2015 White Label styles are being produced in Queen size and not only OS.  

The 2015 Bodystocking collection consists of 27 sexy, form-fitting looks. Inspired by the rise in acceptance and appreciation for playful, soft bondage these new looks speak directly to the growing acceptance of playing with edgier ensembles as well as brining lingerie out of the bedroom.  Answering this rise in demand, the brand chose to incorporate a range of designs that include strappy, caged looks that are the perfect balance of revealing and anticipation.  

Additionally, each item in the range boasts unique detailing like floral lace, open cup tops, bold patterns and corset-look lacing making it easier to incorporate in the everyday wardrobe of women who strive to be their best version.

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