Baci Lingerie Signs New Partner in Mexico

Miami, FL — Summer is about to get even hotter south of the border with Baci Lingerie announcing an exclusive partnership agreement with Love Stores S.A. de C.V. Body temperatures are likely to rise with a guarantee of at least 50 Baci Lingerie mono brand stores set to begin opening within the next two months. These shops will be in addition to 50 currently existing Love Stores within the country.

Baci Lingerie choose to partner with Love Stores S.A de C.V. as they are they are one of the largest and most successful retailers in Mexico. The company, who will be doing business as Baci Lingerie Mexico, already has 50 successful stores of their own and are growing each year.

“Baci Lingerie Mexico already has an impressive track record with opening their own retail stores. They are well-established, well-respected, and are very in-tune with the Mexican market,” says Joy Menon, director of brand communication for Baci Lingerie.

Menon further states, “We have had our sights on Mexico for some time now and believe that Baci Lingerie is the perfect brand for such a country. We are very excited to find a great partner and look to build a very strong brand in Mexico."

“We are very excited to be partnering with Baci Lingerie,” states Uriel Valdez, CEO of Baci Lingerie Mexico. “We can’t wait to incorporate Baci Lingerie with our other successful brands. We know that Baci Lingerie is going to propel us to the top of our market.”

For information about investing in Baci Lingerie mono brand stores email for details.