Baci Lingerie Finds Partner to Conquer French Market

MIAMI—Baci Lingerie, a leader in affordable luxury, brings Baci Lingerie to one of the biggest lingerie markets in the world. The company announced its new partnership with French company 1979 Diffusion, and will be doing business as Baci Lingerie France.

Baci Lingerie France will have their headquarters located at 72 Rue du Faubourg St Honore 75008 Paris, close to Palais de l'Elysee. Baci Lingerie France will ensure the largest distribution and exposure of Baci’s collections and will open 50 Baci Lingerie mono-brand stores in the best locations in France in the next six years. The first of these stores will be opening in Paris in the coming months.

Joy Menon, director of brand communication for Baci Lingerie, stated, “We are very excited to have found the right partner to enter one of the biggest and most sophisticated lingerie markets in the world and we believe Baci Lingerie France greatly understood Baci Lingerie’s concept of affordable luxury and will allow French women to feel glamorous at an incredible price.

"It’s important for us to have a partner who shares our vision and philosophy. This is why we chose Baci Lingerie France as our partner to launch our attack on the French Market. They understand that affordable luxury is not just providing lingerie at a great price but create an entire world around the brand and making the customer feel special. It is art and beauty accessible by everyone. It really is a revolution.”

Baci Lingerie France will be managed by Stéphane Coquelet, who has 15 years’ experience in the lingerie distribution at Dim and Le Bourget SA.

“We immediately fell in love with the Baci Lingerie experience and we are very excited to be a player of such a revolution of the lingerie market. For the first time ever, every French woman will be able to each day enjoy glamorous lingerie at an affordable price” he said. "Art, beauty, seduction, and romance are imbedded in France’s culture, as it is in Baci Lingerie’s. Women here are going to respond to the beauty of the product, the artfulness of the presentation, and they are definitely going to respond to the prices. We are really excited to see the Baci Lingerie Revolution take hold of France.

“Moreover, Baci Lingerie is developing a unique twist to lingerie retailing, by providing unique concept and tools to easily sell lingerie items to a wide consumership,” Coquelet added.

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