B Swish’s Bcurious Premium Still A Top Seller

LOS ANGELES—Now in its second generation, B Swish’s Bcurious Premium remains a top seller for the boutique brand. Since its initial release, the Bcurious Premium has continued to be one of B Swish’s most popular and intriguing personal massagers.

Jae, B Swish’s in-house educator said, “All in all, the Bcurious Premium combines innovative design, luxurious aesthetics and great quality; you can’t go wrong with this waterproof wonder. Let curiosity get the best of you, after all it comes pre-charged in exquisite gift packaging, allowing you to easily treat yourself or that someone special”.

The Bcurious is no stranger to the spotlight, having been described as the perfect external stimulator and featured in Elle Magazine Canada as a “pleasure inducer.”

As explained by Jae, the unique shape of the Bcurious Premium fits perfectly into the palm of the user’s hand.  The curved tip of the massager can be applied directly to the clitoris for pin-point stimulation, or the flat broad surface can be applied over the labia, clitoris and surrounding areas for a more full feeling. The flat broad area of the Bcurious Premium is often described by users as resembling the shape of the tongue. 

The second generation Bcurious is USB rechargeable, ensuring for easy recharge on the road or at home and boasts seven functions together with waterproof engineering. The massager is easy to operate, with separate on/off and function buttons. Simply turn the massager on with the dedicated on/off button then scroll through the seven functions using the function button. 

There is no need for batteries as the massager is USB rechargeable. 

As a member of B Swish’s Premium Line of personal massagers, it is available in two color combinations black/magenta and primrose/grey, and comes in exquisite black gift box packaging. The packaging not only makes it the perfect gift, the quality is suitable for in-store presentation as it displays easily, thus making a great visual impact.

Downloadable Educational Product Pages and online marketing support for this product is available now on B Swish’s B2B site at us.bswish.com or email [email protected].