B Swish Unveils Bgood Deluxe

LOS ANGELES—Novelty manufacturer B Swish adds to its Deluxe Line of personal massagers with the new Bgood Deluxe.

Described as a "modern rendition" of the traditional vibe, the Bgood Deluxe features a waterproof silicone shaft and six functions, with AAA battery operation.

"From first-time solo users to experienced couples, the Bgood Deluxe is a staple in many of our customers' drawers, and with good reason," B Swish in-house educator Barney said. "B Swish prides itself on offering high-quality, body-safe massagers at obtainable prices, and the Bgood Deluxe is a prime example of this philosophy."

The Bgood Deluxe is available in hot pink, tangerine and blue, and comes with a velvet-like storage pouch.

Learn more about the Bgood Deluxe at B Swish's B2B site us.bswish.com, or email [email protected].