B Swish Debuts Bmine Mini Massagers

LOS ANGELES—B Swish has unveiled new additions to their Classic Line of massagers, the all-new Bmine Classic and the Bmine Classic Curve.

The Bmine Classic is available in Blush Pink, Passion Purple and Midnight Blue, while the Bmine Classic Curve comes in Azure, Lavender and Black. Both massagers boast five functions, are click-button operated and waterproof. These new releases from B Swish may travel small, but pack a big punch of silent power. The Bmines are travel friendly with approx. 2.5 inches of fun.

B Swish’s Classic range is known to pack big pleasure into affordable prices, while offering a fashion forward range of massagers in up to the minute colors.  Tery, the newest member to B Swish’s in-house design team who has worked closely on the development of the Bmines said: “These new Bmine Classics are even smaller than our much loved Bcutes, thus making them perfect for travel; they’re a go anywhere essential.”

The Bmine Classic Curve has a unique tilted tip at the top of its 2.5 inchess of pleasure allowing the user to apply precise stimulation to their most pleasurable zones. While the Bmine Classic features distinctively shaped ridges and a sleek, smooth silhouette, the packaging and colors choices give both these massagers a sophisticated flair that will appeal to high-end tastes, once again B Swish doing what they do best, affordable luxury.

Both the Bmine Classic and the Bmine Classic Curve are available now. For more information contact [email protected].