Autoblow Inventor At 50 Percent Of Fundraising Goal For 3Fap

CHICAGO—Brian Sloan, the man who invented the Autoblow and Slaphappy, announced the crowdfunding campaign for his latest invention, the 3Fap, has reached 50 percent in just one week.

The 3Fap’s unusual tripartite design allows men to experience three different orifices, three different textures and three independently controlled levels of suction by simply changing holes.

The $40,000 fundraising campaign on has already received pledges of more than $20,000.

The device’s jingle and pitch video have both gone viral online around the world. The jingle claims men’s “monsters” are “cheering for this triumph of engineering” while in the pitch video, inventor Brian Sloan informs viewers that existing masturbation products have their penises “in prison” and 3Fap “is their way out.”

The crowdfunding campaign was quickly picked up by major online media including BuzzFeed, Elitedaily, Dailydot, Brobible, Maxim, and others.

3Fap will use the latest 3d scanning technology to reproduce within .1mm of accuracy mouths, vulvas, and anuses onto the tops of its sleeves. Sloan recently 3d scanned the winners of his worldwide vaginal beauty contest, thereby creating a library of orifices to choose from to place atop 3Fap’s openings.

 Sloan previously raised the highest amount of crowdfunding ever for a male sex toy in his 2014 campaign for a robot that provided automated relief: the Autoblow 2.

Click here to listen to the 3Fap jingle.

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