Aneros' deVice is Twist On Vice Prostate Massager

HOUSTON—Aneros has announced the launch of deVice, a battery-free variation on Vice, the ‘O’ Awards recipient for Outstanding Product Design for Men. The minimalistic concept provides pleasure in its purest form.

“Vice has long been one of our bestselling prostate massagers, and we are pleased to offer users deVice, a slight modification on a trusted favorite,” states Aneros CEO CT Schenk.  “We developed deVice based on the many requests of Aneros users who want to experience the Vice design without the vibrator.”

Vice was the first vibrating prostate massager released from Aneros. deVice simplifies the award winning Vice's experience with its core of pure silicone. It is the first prostate massager made of solid silicone. deVice’s battery-free design offers even more functions. It is also hands-free and handle-free, which allows users to sit on the massager and employ their hands in other creative ways. The shape of deVice remains the same as Vice, with each curve anatomically designed to fit a man’s body for an unbelievable experience.

“By removing the vibration from Vice, we are introducing a much more versatile version of our proven design," Schenk said.  "deVice can be used in so many more ways and places, while doing other activities.”

Experienced users will love deVice’s large size and combination of fullness and comfort. The solid silicone core is comfortable, while providing sufficient firmness and optimum responsiveness. Developed for active stimulation, deVice delivers increased pleasure when sitting, grinding, walking, and nearly every activity one can imagine—“deMystify Pleasure with deVice.”

For more information about deVice, contact [email protected].