Aneros Exhibiting At ANME

BURBANK, Calif.—Aneros is promoting its “Aneros Is …” campaign and showcasing an exclusive prototype from the company’s exclusive design archives at the ANME Show, taking place through July 19 in Burbank, Calif.

As developers of a medically patented prostate massager, Aneros is known for its stimulating male products—offering natural, preventative measures for erectile dysfunctions (ED) and relief from prostate complications. The company is also known for its acclaimed female Kegel exerciser EVI.

This year at ANME, Aneros will present the first ever display of a 22-year-old prototype from its exclusive archive of designs.

“As the pioneers, the original and the global leaders of the prostate and sexual health sector, we are excited to share with everyone one of the products (prostate toy/design) that started it all,” Aneros Director of Sales and Marketing Brent Aldon said.

Aneros is presenting its new marketing campaign that aims to reassert the company as the leader in prostate and sexual health sector. By joining forces with its partners and targeting industry as well as the mainstream segment, Aneros is dedicated to boosting brand awareness and sales.

“We want the industry to know that this campaign, the new booth and our refreshed marketing collateral is a ramp up for the numerous new Aneros products to come,” Aldon added. features the Aneros Forum, which creates a sex-positive, safe atmosphere for consumers to learn about improving their health and discovering new forms of pleasure.