Aneros' Eupho Syn Earning Critical Acclaim

HOUSTON—Aneros’ newest prostate massager, Eupho Syn, has struck a chord with reviewers of quality pleasure products and is earning high praise.

Introduced in April, Eupho Syn continues to garner praise for its sleek and comfortable design, ease of use, and climax enhancing capabilities. Sex educators and bloggers continue to tout Eupho Syn on popular sites, including,,,,, and

“Aneros’ Eupho Syn is that metaphorical iPod that makes all previously great toys seem like miserable failures,” Jerome Stuart Nichols wrote on “Aneros’ Eupho Syn is easily one of the best prostate stimulators. If it wasn’t designed so differently than other stimulators, I could say it’s the best but, really, it’s in a league of its own.”

Aneros’ Eupho Syn is the synthesis of its popular prostate massager Eupho Classic with velvet touch silicone. Eupho Syn maintains the slim design and small head of the Classic, allowing for more targeted massages. The familiar perianal stimulator ball and handle design still have the same solid inner core, but the addition of silicone gives it a resilient give that connoisseurs of Aneros products will appreciate. Increased comfort is also derived from the thick silicone coating, necessary for an awe-inspiring prostate experience.

“Part of the beauty of the Eupho Syn, is in it’s simple design, because there is no danger of this toy slipping up your partners rectum, you can leave it there and play with other body parts,” Jenne at notes. “We did that a few times, when things got a little too intense, and in many ways this makes for sexier and, for us, more prolonged sexual play. Hubby gives the Eupho Syn a resounding 10 out of 10 from a stimulation point of view. From a partners point of view I also give it a 10 out of 10 for ease of use [and] the fact that it didn’t need batteries but could provide him a lot of pleasure.”

Chrystal Bougon at describes the intensity her partner felt while using the Eupho Syn for the first time. “My partner loves it. He loves the silky texture,” Bougon writes. “I remember, the first night we used it, he said that the climax he had with it took him back to when he was 12 and had his first orgasm. It was like otherworldly pleasurable for him.”

Mathew with describes himself as a novice when it comes to prostate play, and was thrilled to discover that the Eupho Syn could prolong his orgasm alone and with a partner. “Truly satisfied with my solo experience, I was excited to try it with a partner,” he writes. “The build this time was even more intense than before, and when I came, it seemed to last three times as long! The release was explosive!

“I would suggest this to any person who wants to get into prostate play,” Mathew continues. “The design and size of the Eupho Syn is perfect for beginners; at least it was for me. Don’t let the ‘Advanced users’ suggestion scare you away. I’m excited to utilize the Eupho Syn again, as well as more Aneros products.”

Sex coach, educator and writer Lady Cheeky echoes a similar experience with her partner on, named as 2013’s Best Sex Blog by LA Weekly. "My partner found the Eupho Syn very comfortable upon insertion, and the shape and contours felt nice, snug, and enjoyable while inside him,” says Lady Cheeky. “The Eupho Syn was so comfortable that he found it was easy to maneuver into different positions without losing any of the great sensation. He is now a tried and true Aneros devotee."

“It is a fantastic introductory product for someone who is less experienced and perhaps intimidated by anal play,” notes. “The velvety rubber is a really nice feature of this product. It not only lends a very nice, high-quality feel to the product, but really seems to just sort of hold the lube in such a way that the product is able to just slip right in, with minimal lube or effort.”

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