Aneros, ECN Band Together To ‘Sell Better Sex’

HOUSTON—Aneros has tapped East Coast News as the newest distributor of the pleasure products line, and the partnership also means the B2B market will have the tools needed to maximize visibility and sales of the award-winning, sexual health and wellness company. 

“The entire East Coast News sales staff is ready to ensure our customers are successful with the Aneros products,” said ECN Sales Manager Alan Mandell. “Between our ability to fulfill from our three nationwide warehouses, the industry’s strongest sales team, and our joint educational efforts with Aneros, ECN is certainly in the best position to serve adult retailers.”

In addition to carrying all of Aneros’ products, ECN will provide educational and sales support for Aneros in the B2B market, assisting retailers to “Sell Better Sex.” Aneros’ B2C (business-to-consumer) efforts will continue to drive consumers to the stores.

“As a brand, Aneros promotes a wide range of physical and mental benefits its products can offer,” said ECN Brand Manager Ken H. “We are very excited to be working with Aneros and launching a strong educational campaign to help retailers understand the brand, its benefits, its goals and its mission.”

To begin, ECN will deliver its “How to Sell Aneros” message to retailers through a campaign primarily designed to break the stigma of using prostate massagers.  ECN representatives are receiving training directly from Aneros in order to support ECN’s customers as they introduce Aneros to consumers.

Aneros and ECN aim to help retailers “Sell Better Sex” by expanding education on the sexual benefits of Aneros’ products. It’s more than about selling a prostate massager or kegel exerciser, selling better sex is about selling excitement, knowledge, and orgasms. Men can discover the male G-spot through use of a Eupho Syn, which also triggers multiple prostate orgasms. The same device, as well as Aneros’ many prostate massagers, also enhances sexual performance, leaving both members of a couple happy. Recommended by leading sex experts, EVI provides women with stronger PC muscles to make intercourse more enjoyable. It also triggers stronger, multiple orgasms and enhanced arousal.

“ECN has a proven track record in distribution, which extends well past sales,” said Aneros CEO CT Schenk. “Much like the Aneros philosophy, ECN believes education is essential to creating a transparent sales and marketing campaign. While our Aneros Forum and Learning Center are great ways to engage consumers directly, ECN will assist us in providing information to retailers about the many sexual pleasure and health benefits of Aneros, so we can help them ‘Sell Better Sex’ to their customers.”

Aneros’ products are more than a toy. The health benefits of Aneros’ prostate massagers include preventative measures against enlarged prostates, prostate cancer, prostatitis, genital pain, and incontinence. The massagers are also a natural treatment for symptoms related to ED (erectile dysfunction), while prolonging erections, increasing sexual performance, and intensifying orgasms.

ECN is currently making Aneros products available for pre-order, offering three basic starter kits for retailers unfamiliar with the brand. Each kit includes marketing collateral to set up an in-store Aneros station. For more information, visit