Unfiltrd Offers Minneapolis Police Officer $50K for Auction

LAS VEGAS—Adult fan subscription site Unfiltrd is offering a Minneapolis police officer $50,000 to auction off her uniform on the site. The offer comes days after the officer pulled over a driver who turned out to be a subscriber to her OnlyFans page. 

Unfltrd founder Stephanie Matto said, "It’s crazy we still live in a day and age where adult work is still so polarizing. I am a CEO and make sexy content in my spare time. Regardless of profession, we should be uplifting and empowering women! Times are tough and we all need an extra side hustle. I welcome the Minneapolis police officer with open arms to Unfiltrd, where we value our creators, their privacy, and the freedom to express themselves any way they want!"

An offer was distributed to the officer via her OnlyFans page on Oct. 9 with a one-week deadline to respond. Her identity is being kept private due to an ongoing investigation being led by Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O'Hara. There is no confirmation if the officer has accepted or declined the offer. 

For more information, visit Unfiltrd.com or follow the brand on Instagram and Twitter.