Talent Testing Service Reveals June, July 2023 STD Trends

MIAMI—Talent Testing Service (TTS) released its June and July 2023 updates featuring the latest positivity rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among talent in the adult entertainment industry. According to TTS, the data presented is sorted into three groups: female, male, and total. Visual representations of the positivity indices are available on the Talent Testing Service website.

Chlamydia Urine - Positivity Index 

The three Chlamydia Urine rates show a similar behavior over time including a steady downward trend from the peak in November 2022, although the July 2023 levels for General and Female have turned upwards to 1.8% and 1.9%  respectively. The Male rate is at 1.7% now. In summary, seeing that historic levels have been around 2.0%, the current July rates below 2.0% can be considered to be within expectations. 

GC (Gonorrhea) Urine - Positivity Index 

The Female and Male Gonorrhea Urine rates hit opposite levels in July 2023, with 0.5% and 0.8% respectively, while the total rate has turned upwards reaching a rate of 0.8%. Looking at the trendline, the July rates can be considered to be within regular behavior.

Trichomonas Vaginalis Urine- Positivity Index  

The Trichomonas Vaginalis Total positivity rate turned downward to 0.6%, with the Female rate also going down to 1.1% while the Male rate is still close to zero. The separation recorded in the last two months amongst the three groups reflects most of the historical behavior, where the Female level is always above the Male. Furthermore, the current rate levels are within the general range of 0.0% to 1.5%. 

Mycoplasma Genitalium Urine – Positivity Index 

These rates are being monitored weekly given instances of high levels, TTS explains.

The four-month data shows an upward trend for the Total population with a July reading of 23.4% which is being driven by the Male rates which now also reached a peak at 32.7%. The Female rate has turned downward to 14.5% in July. 

Chlamydia & GC (Gonorrhea) Throat and Rectal Swabs – Positivity Index 

Based on market activity the positivity rates for the four tests below have December 2022 as a relevant, starting point where all levels display their peak and then start to trend downward. It is in this way that the Gonorrhea Rectal lines show a downward turn from a month ago, with the Female rate now at 0%.

On a different trajectory, the Male Gonorrhea Throat rate has gone up to 2.2% while the Female rate dropped to 0.6%. In conclusion, the positive rates displayed in three of the four swab tests would be considered to be at regular levels, with the Gonorrhea Throat being the one outside the general trend. 

Talent Testing Service offers testing services for adult talent across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Budapest, Hungary.

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