Talent Testing Service Releases Its May 2023 STD Update

MIAMI—Adult health screening provider Talent Testing Service has released its May 2023 update, showing the positivity rates for those tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) last month were generally less than 1 percent.

The Chlamydia Urine positivity rate of 1.7 percent during the month is the same as the prior month, which does not affect the trendline seen last month.

The Gonorrhea Urine rate of 0.6 percent during May is the same as in April, keeping the trendline going in the same direction.

The Trichomonas Vaginalis positivity rate continues to show a downward trendline in the range of 0.5 percent to about 1.0 percent. The May 2023 rate is 0.3 percent while the April rate was 0.4 percent.

The curve for Chlamydia Rectal Swab does show a turn upward with a May 2023 rate of 3.3 percent from 1.7 percent during the prior month. The company notes that the positivity range for each test is unique. The positivity rates for the four tests for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea involving throat and rectal swabs have December 2022 as a relevant starting point where all levels display their peak and then start to trend downward.

Talent Testing Service offers adult industry talents safe and affordable testing through its wholly-owned location in Miami, and subsidiary offices in Los Angeles, Tampa, Fla.; Orlando, Fla.; Las Vegas, Puerto Rico and Budapest, Hungary.

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