Squirt.org, GuySpy Announce Results Of UK Election Poll

TORONTO, ONT—Gay hookup site Squirt.org and gay dating app GuySpy polled their members recently regarding the UK election which took place earlier today, and it seems that the National Health Service, the economy, national security, and Brexit are the issues about which they're most conderned—and over 90 percent of those surveyed said they will cast their vote.  

Of all polled, results indicate the gay community is almost equally divided between the Labour Party and the Conservative Party. With 35.97 percent aligning with the Labour party, and 35.14 percent aligning with the Conservative Party, the Labour Party leads the poll by less than one percent.

The study, conducted by Squirt.org and GuySpy, collectively, indicates top concerns for its members are the National Health Service at 95 percent, the economy at 93.1 percent, National Security at 90 percent, and Brexit at 89.2 percent, followed by Wages and Working Conditions at 86 percent, Taxes at 86 percent, Gender Equality at 78.1 percent, Environment & Climate Change at 76 percent, Immigration Issues at 69.1 percent, Government Controlled Internet at 63.7 percent, Education (cost and access) at 63.5 percent, and last but not least, Scottish Independence at 29.6 percent.

“Considering Brexit, it makes sense that both the economy and national security issues would be at an all time high," said Andrew Nolan Marketing & Communications Manager for Pink Triangle Press, parent company to Squirt.org and GuySpy. "While the results vary slightly from age group to political affiliation, all of our members recognize how important it is to vote in this election, and that the outcome of the legislation lies with the people.”

Party affiliation by those surveyed was split according to age categories, with those in the 18-44 age group showing 42 percent identifying with the Labour party, while 30 percent with Conservatives and 8 percent Liberal. In the age 45 and above category, 41 percent reported they were affiliated with the party, while 31 percent said they belonged to the Labour Party and 12 percent for Liberal.

As it turned out, according to exit polls, Britains gave just half their votes to the Labour Party, which picked up nearly 10 percent more votes than the previous election, while Conservatives got 36.6 percent, an increase of 7.6 percent, and with Liberal Democrats, Scotish National Party, Green Party and UKIP all losing votes—over 12 percent in the case of the ultra-conservative UKIP.

All age groups, however, felt Brexit was the major issue with 55 percent in 18-44 age group, and 69 percent in the 45 and above age group.

To learn more about the survey, visit DailySquirt.org.