O.school Provides Free Resources for Better Sex Ed

SAN FRANCISCO—Leading sex ed platform O.school has launched a new, educator-focused initiative in honor of World Teachers Day (Friday, October 5), to help teachers across the world better answer student's sex-and-gender related questions.

The O.school Sex Educators Pack raises awareness of the dangers of abstinence-only-sex ed, and provides free instructional tools and videos related to sex and sexuality to any teacher that wants to use them.

“Most educators want to speak accurately about issues facing youth, but lack the resources or institutional support,” said Andrea Barrica, the founder of O.school. “As a leader in online sex ed, we want to help educators across the globe talk confidently about sexuality, gender and consent by providing media-rich resources free from shame, censorship or stigma.”

Beginning today, O.school will provide free videos for educators on topics including the genital anatomy, sexuality, gender identity, pornography, masturbation, and consent. In addition to the videos, O.school will also send any educator who asks a free, 3D model of the clitoris, Tea and Empathy Cards to help students talk about feelings, and recent data and studies about teen sexuality.

On October 17, O.school will host an interactive livestream specifically for teachers to engage on issues specific to youth sex education and development.

“If we want to educate children properly, we need to support our educators properly,” said Barrica. “For this World Teachers Day, we wanted to provide resources for educators and help them talk with students in ways that minimize shame and stigma.”

Some sample videos include:

Educators who wish to sign-up for the free pack may contact [email protected]