FSC's Mike Stabile Returns to 'Adult Site Broker Talk'

PATTAYA, Thailand—Mike Stabile of the Free Speech Coalition is this week's guest on "Adult Site Broker Talk" in part two of a two-part series.

Stabile, a documentary filmmaker and journalist, has supported and written about sexual expression and sex workers for over a decade. Many publications, including the New York Times, Salon, Daily Beast, Buzzfeed, and Playboy, have featured his work.

His documentary Seed Money, which follows philanthropist and pornographer Chuck Holmes, was named one of the Best Documentaries of 2015 by The Advocate.

Stabile founded Polari Media with the intention of aiding non-traditional communities and businesses in their efforts to communicate effectively with the mainstream audience. He has overseen the communications of the Free Speech Coalition since 2013.

Its objective is to safeguard the rights and liberties of both employees and adult industry businesses.

As a leader, resource, and instrument, the organization benefits the communities it serves. Its endeavors to mitigate the consequences of discriminatory legislation, misinformation, and societal disapproval that befall individuals employed in or associated with the adult industry bring them immense satisfaction.

The Free Speech Coalition has been engaged in and triumphing over seemingly insurmountable battles, spanning from the Supreme Court to the voting booth and beyond, for more than three decades. 

Follow the organization on X (formerly Twitter): @fscarmy.

Bruce, host of the show, and CEO of Adult Site Broker, said, “In part two of my interview with Mike we got more in-depth about the legal battles going on between our industry and different states, especially over age verification.”

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Starting today at the Adult Site Broker Talk website, listen to part two of the talk with Mike Stabile on "Adult Site Broker Talk."