Holiday Depression? Pineapple Support Offers Free 24/7 Help

Pineapple Support, a non-profit organization which provides access to mental health services for adult performers, is providing free, 24/7 emotional support from trained listeners. Performers who wish to access such support can do so by visiting and clicking the “Get Support” button.

Pineapple Support was launched by British Performer Leya Tanit in 2018 in response to the tragic and unnecessary loss of life in the adult industry from issues related to mental health. The non-profit organization focuses solely on mental health by providing psychotherapy, counseling and emotional support to persons working in the adult industry who are in need of help but unable to acquire it on their own.

Studies have shown that nearly 20% of adults suffer from some form of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, PTSD, or problems stemming from various types of abuse. Due to the general lack of support available to people working in the adult industry and the stigma that can lead to feelings of isolation, the number of adult industry performers and workers suffering from these ailments may be significantly higher than the global average.

“In the months since Pineapple Support began providing services, we have already achieved quite a bit with a large number of confidential clients who have benefited from the resources we provide,” explained Leya Tanit, President and Founder of “Unfortunately, the reach of our resources and the number of people we are able to help is limited by our funding. We are doing much already, but are also aware we can be doing so much more if we are able to secure external funding to enhance our own efforts.”

Pineapple Support provides free, anonymous, 24/7 online emotional support, and offers funding paid directly to professional counselors as payment and co-payment for therapy in instances where the person in need is unable to afford those services on their own. As it continues to gain traction, Pineapple Support is expanding its ever-growing team of sex-worker-friendly, kink-aware therapists who are available for in person, phone and online video therapy sessions.

 “In our initial phase of development, Pineapple Support has established itself as a safe and reliable place for performers to be heard, valued and understood,” said Ms. Tanit, “Now we are working toward becoming a global point of reference for the world outside of adult, as a foundation for understanding what needs to be done to support those who provide joy and entertainment to so many. Eventually we aspire to end the stigma associated with mental health issues and sex work on broader societal levels.”

Currently the Pineapple Support Society is registered as a non-profit in the State of Delaware and Pineapple Support (The Adult Industry Support Network) is a registered UK charity. To learn more or begin helping others this holiday season in a meaningful way, visit