Clips4Sale, Pineapple Support Team Up For Talent Health

Two-thousand eighteen saw the loss of several lives in the industry, including shining stars, friends and peers. When Clips4Sale heard of Pineapple Support’s mission to provide outreach, emotional support and assistance to those working in the adult industry, the company immediately offered resources.

For over 15 years, Clips4Sale has continued to be a top clip download site, proudly representing all producers and models that wish to share their videos with the world. With over 1,000 categories to choose from and over 7 million video clips, Clips4Sale continues to attract those wanting to sell or purchase adult video clips.

“Clips4Sale is proud to be a sponsor of Pineapple Support Charity,” said Neil, visionary founder of Clips4Sale. “After many years of seeing firsthand the struggles people in the industry have, I am very proud to be able to work with a great charity that can offer help to those individuals who need it the most.”

After the recent tragic events that left the adult industry in shock, the non-profit organization was formed. Pineapple Support provides emotional support and mental health care to all those working in the adult industry. Founder and president of Pineapple Support Leya Tanit said, “Our industry has lost too many beautiful souls; it is time we took action.”

“Since I began my career in the adult industry back in 2010, Clips4Sale have always been a company I look upon fondly,” said Leya, “Their ethos to treat every producer and model equally, no matter their ranking, status, looks, sexual preference or fetish, is one close to my heart. Neil actually has his personal mobile number available on the website for studio owners to contact him directly. This approach to the business, to look at producers and talent as individuals rather than assets, is part of what makes Clips4Sale a very special company within this industry.”

Clips4Sale is set to become a major sponsor of Pineapple Support once US legal filings are confirmed, and has already shown its support over the past few months by providing Pineapple with resources at adult conventions across the U.S. It has most recently sponsored the production of a Pineapple Support 2019 calendar, which will be available to buy online at and at industry conventions over the coming months.

Leya Tanit added, “During these first few months, I honestly don’t know what Pineapple Support would have done without Clips4Sale’s support and shared vision.”

Pineapple Support is a registered charity in the UK and is currently filing in the U.S. as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Confirmation is anticipated early 2019.

To become a sponsor of Pineapple Support or to provide resources to assist with its work, visit