Clips4Sale Reports Huge Success in Takedown Piracy Backed Program

TAMPA, Fla.—Video clip platform Clips4Sale (C4S) trumpets that since launching its Content Protection Program in partnership with Takedown Piracy (TDP), the joint effort has succeeded in removing over four million pieces of infringing content and digitally fingerprinted over seven million videos on C4S.

This ongoing service is free to all Clips4Sale stores, and store owners receive a monthly report and now a personalized report.

“I appreciate that C4S treats protecting content regardless of how big or small the studio might be,” stated Ludella from Ludella Hahns Fetish Adventures Studio. “And most importantly, I can trust them to chase down and take down illegal content on my behalf.”

​"Piracy has long been a thorn in many independent studios' sides. We often don't have the money and resources to be constantly monitoring our content on illegal pirate sites and tube sites,” said Jason from Bratty Foot Girls. “It's been a big boost to know C4S has our backs and has been putting in a lot of work to go after illegal content and have it taken down without us needing to be proactive ourselves."

Since the program began, the actual takedown numbers are the highest C4S has ever had, the company reports, noting that this is just one part of a full program targeting illegal content. While TDP automatically scans over 133 sites for infringements, C4S points out, stores can also still submit their own findings and links through the Admin dashboard. Both get immediate attention and results, with a 98.98 percent removal rate. Additionally, Clip4Sales continues to work on legal actions against pirates and sites across the internet with tremendous results, including:

• Clips4Sale has removed over 4.1 million infringed videos from cyberlockers, tube sites, search engines, image hosts, blogs, torrent, forums and social media sites (combined automated and manual removals)
• 98.30 percent success rate for requests  
• Clips4Sale has had on average of 350,772 videos removed each month automatically, saving content creators the aggravation of sending in DMCA notices themselves
• Over 43,000 Clips4Sale stores are actively protected from stolen/pirated content with the Content Protection Program
• An estimated $43,368,864 worth of illegal content removed since the program initiated

In addition, C4S has now launched Store-specific piracy removal reports. Each Clips4Sale store owner can log in to their Store admin and review their own takedown statistic based on their illegally posted content that has been removed. Store owners can see how the Content Protection Program has found and removed their illegally posted content by logging in their Store Admin at

“No matter how big or small a store is, we protect all our content producers and at no additional cost to them,” Clips4Sale general manager Dariusz said. “We’re reinvesting the money we make in a crucial service like our C4S Content Protection Program with our key partner Takedown Piracy because it is the right thing to do, which further builds loyalty and trust in Clips4Sale.”              

"Our partnership with Clips4Sale has been gratifying because they understand the importance of protecting their models and producers by allowing us to do what we do best," commented Takedown Piracy VP of marketing and communications Reba Rocket. "The fact they offer this level of service free shows their level of appreciation and commitment to the success of their models and producers.” 

For more information about Clips4Sale, click here, and follow the company on Twitter @clips4sale.