Bella’s Hacienda Ranch Owner Pens Opinion Piece

WELLS Nev.Madam Bella Cummins, owner of Bella’s Hacienda Ranch, a legal brothel in Northeast Nevada, has recently penned an opinion piece for The Nevada Independent. In her article, she advocates for greater acknowledgment of Nevada’s time-tested sex work regulations amid a series of proposed sex work reforms in various states across the U.S.

Cummins wrote, "Across the United States, an unprecedented number of legislators and leaders have been taking a second look at how their states' laws regulate sex work. By adjusting legislation, these states aim to create a more equitable and compassionate approach that prioritizes the well-being and rights of individuals involved in the sex work industry."

Cummins praises states such as Hawaii, Vermont, and New York for acknowledging flaws in current sex work laws, but the brothel owner believes Nevada’s legal brothel system should receive more recognition as the only state in the union that has successfully legalized prostitution.  

Cummins added, "As a woman with nearly 40 years of experience owning and operating a legal brothel, I’m amazed by how long it has taken the rest of the nation to recognize the benefits of decriminalizing and regulating sex work. Additionally, I'm disappointed by the lack of recognition that the Silver State receives when discussions surrounding sex work extend beyond Nevada's borders."

Cummins continued, "For almost half a century, Nevada has legalized prostitution in a majority of rural counties throughout the state. Nevada legitimized its brothels in the 1970s and established fair yet stringent laws regulating the operation of these adult entertainment establishments. For over 50 years, this ongoing socioeconomic experiment demonstrates how sex work can be addressed with all of its intricacies in a humane and compassionate manner through regulation."

Cummins outlines the advantages of Nevada's brothel laws, which include improved safety for both sex workers and clients, increased freedom of choice for Nevada's courtesans, revenue contributions from brothel licensing fees to Nevada counties, and a reduction in the stigma associated with sex work.

She concluded, "While there is scope for improvement in Nevada's model, it does function as a time-tested example to replicate for states hoping to address sex work regulation with compassion and fairness. It is high time that the country recognizes Nevada's efforts in spearheading this much-required revolution in the sex work industry."

Read Cummins' opinion piece in The Nevada Independent here

Cummins founded and funds the Onesta Foundation, an action group with a mission to support Nevada sex workers and advocate for prostitution legalization throughout the United States. More on the Onesta Foundation can be found at