Brenna Sparks Pens Column Promoting Use of Crypto Currency

LAS VEGAS, NV—Brenna Sparks, the vivacious, tatted Asian XXX performer, has been an outspoken supporter of cryptocurrency and blockchains for quite a while now—and in her latest column for XCritic, she gives her views about its importance for the adult industry.

With the passage of FOSTA and SESTA, as well as the increasing problem of banks, PayPal and other institutions shutting down adult performer and companies accounts, Brenna feels that crypto currency has become very important. Brenna’s blog, entitled “Why the Adult Industry Needs Crypto Currency,” outlines why she believes it’s here to stay. Topics in the blog include fees, discrimination, privacy and some of the positive things she claims crypto can do for the industry, including fixing piracy, marketing and advertising, content distribution, accounting, infrastructure and more, which could lead to the industry being more profitable again. Plus, crypto can help the fans with their transactions and offer another way they can pay for their porn.

Though many have termed crypto currency a "Ponzi scheme" and "a gamble," “I’ve been a huge supporter of cryptocurrency before it became trendy,” said Brenna. “I have personally had banks and online apps freeze me out because I work in the industry. I know how rough it really is. But I’ve also seen the flipside and know that there’s a lot of money to be made with crypto. I hope this blog helps the industry and fans understand just how important it is.”

Those interested may read "Crypto Queen" Brenna Sparks’ blog in its entirety and check out a sexy photo of her wearing a yellow Bitcoin bodysuit here. The blog was even covered by Bitcoin News and can be viewed here. Brenna recently did the Bitcoin Podcast, which will be available soon, as well as other interviews and appearances at more trade shows.

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