Blair Hopkins of SWOP Behind Bars Visits 'Adult Site Broker Talk'

PATTAYA, ThailandBlair Hopkins of SWOP Behind Bars is this week’s guest on "Adult Site Broker Talk."

SWOP Behind Bars is a non-profit service organization based on human rights, harm reduction, services provision, and prison and jail outreach. It extends its services to all individuals involved in the sex trade, whether currently active or formerly engaged, through its Sex Worker Community Support line and associated chat feature. 

SWOP directly engages with sex workers, survivors of human trafficking who have faced incarceration, and individuals seeking peer support, resource referrals, and crisis care. It ensures that incarcerated community members are informed about the support line, providing them with information to support re-entry and access to gap services upon release.

The support line operators include representatives from the sex work community, alongside experts in domestic violence and crisis intervention.

Hopkins began her adult industry work as a photographer and videographer in the early 2000s. She is the author of All in A Day's (Sex) Work, "a photographic investigation into the daily lives of the intriguing, oft-maligned, and dedicated professionals who occupy our fantasies and indulge our deepest erotic urges." 

Hopkins joined SWOP Behind Bars in 2018 and now serves as executive director. She lives in New Orleans.

Follow the organization on Twitter/X @swopbehindbars.

Bruce, the adult site broker, host of the show, and CEO of Adult Site Broker said, “This was a fascinating interview. It’s so sad how sex workers are treated when they become inmates. Blair’s insights were captivating”.

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