Attorney Corey Silverstein to Appear on SexWorkCEO X Space

LOS ANGELES—Corey D. Silverstein, the driving force behind and Adult.Law, has announced his upcoming appearance on SexWorkCEO’s X (formerly Twitter) Space to discuss the Texas Age Verification Law. 

The SexWorkCEO discussion will occur on March 26, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. EST. 

Age Verification for adult entertainment websites has taken over headlines across the world. Most recently, the State of Texas began filing lawsuits against adult entertainment providers who allegedly are not in compliance with H.B. 1181. This past week, Chaturbate and xHamster joined Pornhub as targets.

The purpose of the X Space will be to get industry members caught up on the recent news, and what they need to be considering at this time.      

“Texas’ H.B. 1181 is causing chaos throughout the adult entertainment industry and it is essential that all members of the adult community get up-to-date and be in a position where they can make informed decisions,” Silverstein said.

“I’m eagerly anticipating the opportunity to have this discussion with MelRose Michaels as part of her SexWorkCEO X Space,” Silverstein continued. 

“I can’t wait to discuss these pressing legal rulings with the industry’s leading expert. Every time Corey joins us for an X space, our audience gains valuable insight that is harder to access otherwise,” said Michaels.

Silverstein is the managing and founding member of Silverstein Legal ( His practice focuses on representing all areas of the adult industry. Silverstein is also the founder of the subscription service Adult.Law. Content creators interested in subscribing to Adult.Law’s services can learn more about subscription tiers here:

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