ASACP Names Its October’s Featured Sponsors

LOS ANGELES—The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) has announced that Fleshlight, Cherry Pimps and 7 Veils Media have been named the organization's Featured Sponsors for October 2019.

ASACP’s Executive Director Tim Henning said the association’s monthly Featured Sponsors rank among the industry’s most respected companies and are worthy examples of how responsible corporate policies, ethical operation and social awareness can help protect children from age-restricted materials.

“Through their sponsorship of ASACP, the industry’s most prominent players prove that legal adult-oriented entertainment and ‘doing the right thing’ when it comes to keeping children from accessing these materials go hand-in-hand,” Henning explained. “ASACP is proud to honor those companies that have demonstrated a commitment to online child protection, encouraging other companies to take a leadership role in keeping children out of and away from adult entertainment.”

The support the association receives from its sponsors enables it to continue its 23-year record of success and to provide a range of educational and informational resources for digital media and other companies, including market-specific Best Practices and a universal Code of Ethics for online businesses, app publishers and website operators.

Among its most notable achievements, ASACP’s Restricted To Adults (RTA) meta label helps parents prevent their children’s access to billions of adult-oriented webpages and mobile apps and is offered to all site and app publishers free of charge, as are all ASACP services, thanks to the generosity of the nonprofit association’s sponsors and members.

For October, ASACP honors Fleshlight, Cherry Pimps and 7 Veils Media as its Featured Sponsors, recognizing these companies’ continued support of the association and their ongoing commitment to making the internet safer for children and families.


An ASACP Corporate Sponsor since 2007, Fleshlight and its parent Interactive Life Forms is an established leader in the field of sexual health and fulfillment and serves as a positive example for other adult novelty companies to follow. On the forefront of the development of haptic devices, Fleshlight bridges traditional novelties with the newest technology, to bolster connections between people around the world.

According to Fleshlight, in an era where vibrators have been championed as a means for female sexual freedom and enjoyment, male sex products have remained something of a dirty, unwanted cousin to their female counterparts. By providing high quality, discreet and tasteful products, the company hopes to help change these perceptions and to bring the topic of male sexuality into the public discourse—with a focus on providing adult novelties to adults only.

Cherry Pimps

Supporting the association as a Corporate Sponsor since 2013, Cherry Pimps helps to protect children and others from inadvertent exposure to age-restricted materials by locking its fare behind a paywall, requiring viewers to purchase the company’s adult content, including its live webcam sex shows, rather than offering it free-for-all.

“We’re happy to continue our support of the ASACP as they work to help protect children online,” said Cherry Pimps CEO Jack Avalanche. “Their work is invaluable and we must remember that their work is often thankless, but extremely necessary to keep child predators out of the online environment.

“We thank the entire team at ASACP and look forward to many more years of cooperation,” he added. “I encourage all those who are not sponsors, to step up to the plate and participate, and give back to your community.”

7 Veils Media

An In-Kind Media Sponsor since 2013, 7 Veils is a premier social media marketing firm for the adult entertainment industry. The company builds Twitter, Facebook and other strategies to integrate with a client’s overall marketing campaign, and assists ASACP in broadening and refining its social media initiatives.

“The adult industry is a leader in child protection and advocacy and it is 7 Veils' privilege to be the social media outlet for this important work,” 7 Veils CEO Lauren MacEwen explained. “7 Veils chose ASACP specifically because we deeply value a need to protect our children from sexual exploitation, be it overt or subtly concealed, and 7 Veils is proud to provide the social media management for this extremely important organization.”

MacEwen is the 2015 Recipient of the ASACP Service Recognition Award.

“The generosity of leading companies such as Fleshlight, Cherry Pimps and 7 Veils Media enables ASACP to carry out its ongoing achievements and improves the daily digital lives of today’s constantly connected youth,” Henning concluded. “ASACP’s Featured Sponsors show that both leadership and proactive responsibility is alive and well in the adult entertainment industry.”

To learn how a company can help protect itself by protecting children, email [email protected].