Conducts Survey About Over-the-Counter Abortion Pills

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C.—Adam & Eve and recently surveyed over 1,000 people asking if over-the-counter abortion pills should be legally available to women in the U.S.

Currently available only from a doctor, nurse, health clinic, or Planned Parenthood, the mifepristone and/or misoprostol pills cause an “at-home abortion” that is considered both safe and effective. As it gets harder for many people to access abortion due to state laws, many people look to self-managed abortion and the possibility of an over-the-counter option.

While just over 49% of those surveyed felt that over-the-counter abortion pills should be legally available to women under any circumstance, another 24% said they should be available under certain circumstances. Nearly 20% of respondents said abortion pills should not be legally available, and an additional 7% said they weren’t sure.

“Abortion is and will always be a controversial subject,” said Dr. Jenni Skyler, Ph.D., LMFT, CST, and resident sexologist at Adam & Eve. “In the end, abortion is a woman’s personal decision that hopefully involves her partner.”

“Adam & Eve got its start providing condoms by mail, and we still offer a wide variety of condoms to support easy access to affordable birth control,” said Chad Davis, director of marketing for Adam & Eve. “We encourage adults to explore their sexuality within their own comfort levels and boundaries.”

The web-based survey, conducted by an independent third-party survey company, of over 1,000 American adults age 18 and up, was sponsored by Adam & Eve to study sexual preferences and practices.

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