Axel Abysse and Dominic Pacifico Team Up on Zbuckz

LAS VEGAS, NV—It's a tradition during TV sweeps months that characters from one series visit another in “very special episodes.” In that vein, Zbuckz has announced that the creators of eponymous websites and have pooled their talents and resources to create a dynamic pair of fisting fetish videos that will attract viewers and create a valuable synergy between their two sites.

Dominic Pacifico has created a lush and edgy library of videos that have moved steadily toward harder kinky themes. His top-notch photography and perfectionism give even challenging material a striking and beautiful edge. Axel Abysse brings commitment, focus, spontaneity and chemistry to the fisting and assplay videos that populate his online world. Combining their talents, they have created and star in two action duos, “Black Box: The Opening” now heating up, and “Retribution” premiering Friday, February 8 on

Dominic Pacifico has only this year added fist fucking to his repertoire of hard-edged scenes, the first being a fetishy matchup with Drew Dixon featuring bareback sex, water sports and Dominic topping Drew with his raw fist. Dominic had never been a fisting bottom on screen or in real life until he shot this week’s new video with Axel. The matching paired video for Abysse’s website is the “retribution” where Dominic takes the role of fisting top for Axel.

Combining the talents of the two porn stars/producers and creating a pair of corresponding videos in each website’s unique style is a feat that plays to the strengths of Axel and Dominic. Marking the occasion, Zbuckz has created a cross-promotion offer for members of each site to add the other at a greatly discounted monthly rate. Abysse and Pacifico hope their artistic cross-pollination piques the curiosity and libidos of members and stimulates their interest in both sites.

Axel indicated that he was excited to unveil the new cooperative effort.

“Dominic and I obviously have lots of shared interests through our kinks, even though we’ve developed very different aesthetics to express those. I was happy to step into his universe while initiating him to what I do (I hope?) best: fisting. It’s always such a turn-on for me to get inside someone who identifies as top and dominant. I know where to push to make their body let go… and I can tell, now that Dominic took my fists, he will be wanting more! … No matter how rough it looks, you can tell fisting is all about sharing love."

Dominic agreed.

“I’m very excited about the new chapter of adult entertainment I’m exploring and coming out with this year. BDSM and fetish work has been a great part of my work for many years. Now I get to explore a more submissive side of my kink work again and bring fisting into the picture. I was a submissive in my work when I was smaller. As a muscular daddy I’ve been a dom and BDSM master. Showing off my extreme bottoming skills is gonna be eye-opening to my fans to say the very least. I can’t wait to see the reaction I get. The world will now get to see both full sides of my dark kinky sex life.”

Interested viewers can watch “Black Box: The Opening” on now, and “Retribution” on beginning Friday, February 8, 2019.