Squirt.org Asks Trump To 'Make America Gay Again'

TORONTO, ONT—Gay hookup site Squirt.org is making a statement in support of LGBT rights with a billboard campaign that launched on January 17 to coincide with the inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump. The signs, featuring two guys holding the American flag along with the words “Dear Mr. President, Let’s Make America Gay Again,” will appear in Los Angeles and New York City.

The billboards, a play on the Trump’s campaign slogan “Let’s Make America Great Again,” are a part of Squirt.org’s effort to support gay rights as well as to positively encourage Trump and his administration to take LGBT rights seriously. Billboards will be placed along Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame in Los Angeles and in New York City’s West Village, Chelsea and surrounding neighborhoods.

“LGBT rights are in question with the incoming Trump administration which has vigorously campaigned to roll back many of the rights that protect these communities. So we say, ‘Let’s make America gay again. Let’s make it happy and inclusive,” said Attila Szatmari, digital business director for Pink Triangle Press, Squirt.org’s parent company.

The billboards are the culmination of much discussion and fear by many in the gay community who are apprehensive about the Trump presidency. Trump’s opposition in 2016 to gay marriage and support for judges who would seek to overturn the Marriage Equality Act that legalized gay unions is one of many points of contention.

Transgender rights are also in question as Trump has voiced his support for the controversial law in North Carolina that bans transgender individuals from using bathrooms that do not coincide with the gender individuals are born as.

In a recent Life Evaluation survey conducted by the Gallup poll, it was reported that a 10-point overall decline in “thriving” was seen in the LGBT community in both the Democrat and Republican parties. There has also been evidence of a negative effect associated with Trump’s election campaign among lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) American adults. This drop in life evaluations among LGBT American adults after the announcement of Trump’s victory is part of a more general pattern revealed among all Democrats, whose outlook on life also dropped significantly. What’s interesting is that the poll reveals in the month prior to the election, 59% of Democrats were slightly more likely to self-identify as “thriving,” where a decline to 50% was seen post-election. Furthermore, the large decline in life evaluations among LGBT adults does not appear to be a result of the LGBT Democratic leanings. Among LGBT individuals, the 10-point overall decline in "thriving" is seen in both Democrats and Republicans. This may suggest that concerns about the development of the upcoming Trump administration cross party lines among LGBT people.

“With more American adults identifying as LGBT, Squirt.org calls on Trump to be a President for everyone,” said Attila Szatmari.  

In a Bloomberg Political article released Fall of 2016, a Gallup poll showed that a record-high reported 60% of Americans support same-sex marriage.

While the final outcome of Trump's position on LGBT rights is unknown, Squirt.org will be placing the billboard sign on Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame at 7038 Hollywood Blvd.

Those wishing to learn more or find out what they can do to voice their support for gay and LGBT rights, click here.