Treasure Island Media Releases Cheap Thrills 10 on DVD, Download

Treasure Island Media's infamous series Cheap Thrills has just released its tenth volume, and fans will be pleased to hear it has lots of hard fucking bang for the buck. In fact, the company is so excited for Volume 10 (double digits baby!), it decided it had to include an extra bonus, featuring Holden Phillips and Rad Matthews. That brings the total to three full-length fuck scenes, and one bonus—a good value for the price!

Treasure Island exclusive mega-tops Jack Allen and Drew Sebastian join forces—or, actually, their massive dicks—to tag team Dublin O'Toole's mouth and butt. Either of these men would be an exhaustive fuck on their own, and combined, it seems likely that Dublin still doesn’t know what happened to his holes.

Derek Anthony has grown into the perfect Dad, and when his dick is hard and a hole presents itself, he knows how to take his time, open an ass up good and pound it out until he just can't hold back anymore. Tyler Copeland is just his type: a horny twink whore that wants to please his top.

After fucking Dublin, Jack Allen and Drew Sebastian had such a good time together, they asked if they could do a scene with just the two of them. OK, but—what happens when two power tops hunker down on each other? Viewers have already seen Drew Sebastian give up his ass; the big surprise here is when Jack Allen lets Drew fuck him with that fat PA’d cock.

Cheap Thrills can be ordered from the Treasure Island Media Store, and is available in the TIMPass Member Store.