Third Episode of NakedSword's 'Guyspotting' Now Playing

SAN FRANCISCO — Today, NakedSword Originals releases the third episode in its new series, Guyspotting, now playing only on The series was written and co-directed by porn star turned singer and former NakedSword Exclusive, Mickey Taylor.

NakedSword's mr. Pam co-directed the series along with Taylor, which was inspired by the British indie cult classic film Trainspotting. Guyspotting gives viewers a glimpse into the sex-crazed, alcohol and drug infested world of Manchester's gay counter culture. The cast is a list of hot, hung and uncut studs including England's own Jack Taylor, Kayden Gray, Billy Rock, Matthew Anders, Gabriel Phoenix, Koby Lewis, Leander and Mickey Taylor.

In the third episode of the series, Mickey Taylor is meeting his friend Kayden Grey for drinks on Canal Street. When Kayden decides to bring his out-of-town friend Gabriel Phoenix, sparks fly the instant Mickey locks eyes with Kayden's sexy buddy. Once inside the pub, they start taking shots when one thing leads to another and before you know it Mickey and Gabriel are upstairs in a private room. Finally alone, they proceed to engage in a flip fuck. Since they worked up an appetite, they decide to go get something to eat, and discover this just might be more than a one time thing.

"Guyspotting is such a fresh and sexy series and a true labor of love between the uber talented Mickey Taylor, Blake Mason and NakedSword," says co-director mr. Pam. "It was a pleasure every day co-directing and helping bring to life this movie that he wrote and was so passionate about. He stars in this week's episode and, on top of doing an amazing job behind-the-scenes, he also delivered one of his best scenes on camera with Gabriel Phoenix!"