Sumner Blayne and Hayden Hunter Star in New SeanCody Scene

SAN DIEGO, Calif.—SeanCody is soon releasing a new duo scene with Sumner Blayne and Hayden Hunter.

A rep for the Aylo-owned studio provided the following synopsis for the scene:

"In the scene, Sumner is super sore after his workout, and Hayden tells him he should stretch more. 'Only if you help stretch me,' Sumner challenges, and Hayden shoots back, 'I'll stretch you out anytime.' He offers his pal a massage, and Sumner takes him up on it. Hayden gets right to work rubbing down Sumner's muscle ass, then tonguing his hole. Hayden slides his hard cock inside, pounding the bottom on the table and really working out his tension! Sumner rides the top, then gets fucked hard and bent over the table. Sumner cums hard as Hayden fucks him on his back, then the top breeds that hole."

The new scene will debut on Friday, March 22, and stream exclusively on