Skylar Finchh, Brett Baker, More Star in New SayUncle Scenes

MIAMI—SayUncle premiered five new scenes this week starring gay porn stars Skylar Finchh, Brett Baker, Nicholas Ryder, and others.

Finchh fails his mission in a new Missionary Boys episode, “Failure Won’t Go Unnoticed.” 

President Mick Weston asks Elder Finchh to denounce his holy garments and accept his shameful wrongdoings. The studio explains that President Weston strips Skylar naked and blindfolds him to begin his punishment for his sinful actions.

Brother Crush has Baker and Dakota Lovell trying a new TikTok challenge in “Ballsack Challenge.” A synopsis for the scene explains:

"There’s a new TikTok challenge going around claiming men can taste things with their ballsack. Stepbrothers Brett and Dakota decide to try this challenge out for themselves, putting their scrotums on all different types of foods. Soon enough, they start putting whipped cream on each other’s scrotums, leading to them licking it off each other."

Baker and Jack Valor star in a new Young Perps scene, “Criminal Cock.” The scene synopsis explains:

"Brett has the video evidence to get Jack arrested for theft. He finds Jack attractive, though, and offers to erase the security footage if Jack is willing to have some fun with him first. "

Family Dick features Florien spying on his hunky stepdad (Brody Kayman) in a new episode, “Picking Up Man Skills.” The synopsis of this scene explains:

"Florien has a huge crush on Brody but disguises his attraction as him just wanting to pick up his stepdad's man skills. Florien will watch Brody shower from a distance while touching himself. When Brody catches Florien, he brings Florien into the shower with him so he can watch and learn how to shave. But Florien can’t hide his attraction any longer, he has to make his move."

SayUncle AllStars presents the second part of Ryder’s showcase scene with the installment “No Spring Break Regrets.” The scene synopsis is as follows:

"Spring break is coming to an end, but Dakota Lovell isn’t satisfied with the sex he’s had so far. Skylar Finchh and Nicholas don’t want their buddy to have any regrets this spring break, so they offer to help Dakota get what he wants from a fun hookup."

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