SayUncle Releases New Scenes With Alberto Chimal, Other Stars

MIAMI—SayUncle has five new scenes this week, featuring performers such as Alberto Chimal, Danny Shine, Beaux Matthews, and more. In a new Latin Leche episode, “Fuckmates,” Alberto Chimal moves into Enrique Mudu’s place.

A synopsis of the scene is as follows:

"Enrique rented a room out to Alberto as a way to make extra money. During their conversation about the room, Enrique tells Alberto that he can wait to pay his part of the rent on Monday—only if Alberto helps pay him differently at this moment. Alberto loves the room, but he especially loves the fact that he gets to have fun with Enrique in the mix."

Danny Shine stars in a new Missionary Boys scene, “Shine On, You Twinky Diamond.” 

Leader Dick Dawson is in charge of the ceremony, and he couldn’t be more excited. Once Shine is accepted into the mission, the two men undress and get right to the fun part of the initiation.

Dakota Lovell books a session with masseuse Brody Kayman in a new StickyRub scene, “A Gateway to Your Hole.”

The synopsis of this scene is as follows:

"Brody uses all of his best massage tricks to impress Dakota. When Brody can see that Dakota is nice and aroused, Brody whips out his next secret weapon to take the massage to the next level…"

Military Dick features Ares Nikol in a new scene, “It's Hard Being an Artist.” A synopsis for this scene is as follows:

'When Cecil Rose catches Ares drawing instead of doing his chores as a soldier, he scolds Ares and reminds him of what his responsibilities are. Now, Ares will have to prove to Cecil how sorry he really is…"

SayUncle Labs also released “Concept: Manazon.” Beaux Matthews stars as a hunky delivery man for Manazon, and he delivers Jack Valor’s latest purchase: a penis pump.

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