SayUncle Releases Four New Scenes

MIAMI—SayUncle released four new scenes featuring gay adult performers such as Skylar Finchh, Jordan Lake, Jax Thirio, and others.

Finchh has his blessing ceremony in a new Missionary Boys scene, “Blessing Through Banging.” The ceremony is being conducted by President Aaron Trainer, a decision that arouses Finchh in unexpected ways, explains a rep for SayUncle.

It’s almost graduation time in a new Bully Him scene, “Whatever It Takes to Graduate.” A brief synopsis of the scene was provided:

"Jordan Lake is so close to graduating. He just needs to pass Mr. Jax Thirio’s class, and he’ll be at the finish line. However, he doesn’t feel prepared enough for the final exam. While they’re alone in the classroom, Jordan asks Mr. Thirio for more help with the material. Jax finds Jordan cute and is happy to help him pass his final as long as he can do him some kinky favors in return."

Thirio meets up with Matteo Gomez in a new Butt Virgins scene titled “Be Gentle, Fuck Me Hard.” The scene's synopsis explains the narrative:

"One day, Jax gets a call from Matteo, who has just turned 18. Matteo thinks Jax is super hot and has always fantasized about Jax taking his virginity. Jax loves guiding mischievous and inexperienced young men through the process of rough sex, so he agrees to meet up with Matteo."

In a new FreeUse Twink scene, “Chores Without a Bore,” Finchh and Oliver Carter star in a scene with Jordi Massive playing their landlord.

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