SayUncle Features Andy Adler, Archie Paige, Harrison Todd

MIAMISayUncle has released four new scenes featuring fan-favorite performers Andy Adler, Archie Paige, Harrison Todd, and others.

In “Enrique’s Taste in Men” from Latin Leche, Enrique Mudu is asked what type of men he likes and admits that he has a thing for “American gringos." Mateo Tomas, a cute blonde who is also looking to have some fun with Mudu in the bedroom, enters the scene for some hardcore action. To watch the scene, click here.

Next, “An Unholy Ritual” from Missionary Boys, opens with Elder Andy Adler surprised to see that Oliver Carter is the one who will be in charge of his anointment ceremony. As the ceremony takes place and Adler caresses his hands all over Carter’s body, Carter tries not to have any impure thoughts. But, things soon take a hot turn. To watch, click here.

Other scenes include:

• “Post Workout Rub Down,” from StickyRub, stars Archie Paige as a masseuse who helps his client (Rob Quin) relax his muscles since Rob has been hitting the gym a lot. The oily massage quickly turns into a hardcore hookup.
• “Cock on my Mind,” from Family Dick, features Harrison Todd who can’t stop thinking about his stepdad’s (Brody Kayman) package. It doesn’t help that Kayman parades naked around the house until Todd confesses the truth of what’s been on his mind.

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Pictured: Rob Quin, left, and Archie Paige.