SayUncle Drops Part Three of 'The Iron Pa'

MIAMI—SayUncle has announced the release of part three of its multi-part feature, The Iron Pa, which is now streaming on Just Say Uncle. After the release of the first two scenes, the third part, "Tag Me In," builds upon the story of the first two parts.

"Tensions hit a peak as stepfathers Ty Roderick (Dick Flair) and Cole Connor (Iron Pa) go head-to-head with their stepsons in a fiery tag team match," reads a synopsis of the scene provided by the studio. "The ring is more than just a stage for their fight—it's a battlefield for family pride and hidden desires. Ty and his stepson Jack Valor, along with Cole and his stepson Tanner Valentino, are all in it to win it. With Amone Bane refereeing and making sure the rules are somewhat followed, the match is set to be one heck of a showdown."

Don’t miss part three of The Iron Pa, now streaming exclusively on Part four is set to debut on July 7.

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