RagingStallion.com Releases First Scene From 'Three Wishes'

SAN FRANCISCO—RagingStallion.com, which produces videos featuring all-natural men, has today announced the release of the debut scene from its latest feature, Three Wishes. Award-winning director Steve Cruz directs Seth Santoro and Tegan Zayne, who co-wrote the screenplay for the full feature, in the first scene from the tale of lust and desire that reflects on the age-old question of what you'd wish for if you had only "three wishes." The scene will go live on RagingStallion.com on Friday, April 20, 2018, followed by the release of the DVD and scene downloads on the Falcon Studios Group Store on April 27, 2018.

According to a summary provided by the company, Tegan Zayne is trapped in a life that is going nowhere and he's wishing for a way to make it better. He meets up with Seth Santoro, who offers a magical spell to turn Tegan's life around. Without a second thought, Tegan takes a drink of a potion as Seth performs some rituals including submitting to his giant cock—and things only get hotter from there. Will all this sex be enough for the spell to work, or will this be the beginning of something much more sinister?

"What would you do if your life was on the skids and you were suddenly granted three wishes?" asks director Steve Cruz. "Would your desperation allow you to believe anything you wanted? Would you get fame, money, or sex? The first scene from this movie (which was co-written by Tegan Zayne and me, by the way) sets the tone for the rest of the movie and explores those questions along with some really incredible fucking."

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