Next Door Buddy Profits Celebrates Fifth Anniversary in Toronto

MONTREAL—To celebrate the fifth anniversary of its award-winning affiliate program, treated affiliates and fans to four special events this past weekend in Toronto.

The celebrations kicked off on Thursday with a party held at the legendary Woody's on Church Street. Local affiliates were treated to dinner, drinks, and gifts. Next Door Buddy Profits also held a special fundraiser for Until There's a Cure, featuring guest appearances by Hot House models, Matt Cole and Kyle King.

"It was very important for us to use this special occasion as an opportunity to give back," said Stephan Sirard, president of Next Door Entertainment. "We are pleased to report that our fundraiser was not only a star-studded success but also helped support a cause that is very important to us."

The festivities continued on Friday with a Hot House meet-and-greet at Priape, and "The Dirty Sexy Party," held at Fly Nightclub to officially launch in Canada. Guests of the club were able to mingle with Next Door staff and watch an exclusive live performance from Hot House's Matt Cole and Kyle King. A portion of the proceeds from Friday's event were also donated to Until There's a Cure.