Carnal Media Debuts Three New Titles

MINNEAPOLIS—There are three new titles from TwinkTop, FunSizeBoys, and MasonicBoys, featuring four Carnal Media exclusive performers.
TwinkTop takes a long, lingering look at the price of success in “Stepping Up,” the third chapter of the Ethan Tate series, where the young Ethan reunites with Coach Eddie Patrick, who recruited the baby-faced twink and tested his mettle in “Mutual Admiration”, and is now personally taking their private training sessions to the next level.
FunSizeBoys continues the sweltering story of co-workers Milo Miles and Cain Marko and their secret break time adventures together (see: “A Big Help,” “Basement Meet-Up,” and “The Client’s Bed”) in the sixth chapter of the Milo series, “Ripe and Ready.
MasonicBoys gets out the holy oil for chapter three of the Apprentice Land series, “Anointing,” starring Logan Cross and Adam Snow. After launching his Masonic journey of the fraternal order in “The Interview” with Master Weston and “The Calling” with Master Snow, “Anointing” takes Apprentice Land and Master Snow to the next phase of their relationship with a sacred oil consecration ceremony.
Alan Breslaw, Carnal Media’s head of marketing, said, “By crafting compelling stories that focus on evolving relationships between characters, viewers are taken on a very stimulating journey—in this case, Coach Eddie Patrick just can't get enough of Ethan… I mean, look at him; how could anyone resist?
“But it's not just the steamy story, it's the pairing of these two Carnal Exclusives, and the chemistry they have together, as well as their ever-rising popularity with fans. In fact, Eddie’s first studio work with TwinkTop has been one of the most viewed chapters on CarnalPlus all year long.”
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