NakedSword Originals Unleashes 'Berkeley: Sophomore Year' Update

SAN FRANCISCO — Today, NakedSword Originals releases the second episode of its series Berkeley: Sophomore Year, the follow-up to the 2016 series centered around home town Berkeley, CA. Shot on location by NakedSword's award-winning Director mr. Pam, the new series, Berkeley: Sophomore Year, is a love letter to the progressive and vibrant town nestled in the hills of Northern California. Berkeley: Sophomore Year centers around political dissent, free speech marches, and the ANTIFA protesters that have come about in the past year.

"Crossing Party Lines" features the return of Leo Forte to NakedSword. He has been a part of the NakedSword family for the past five years in numerous roles such as Scriptwriter, Director, Videographer, and, of course, a model. Forte returns in a scene with Timarrie Baker. When the threat of violence from both sides forces Berkeley Republican Club President Leo Forte to cancel the appearance of a controversial right-wing talking head (cameo by Theo Ford) he is forced to address the crowd himself. Democratic Party Club President Timarrie Baker stops by Leo’s dorm room to express his regret that free-speech has been silenced on campus by violence. The two hot-headed student leaders begin sparring and it soon becomes clear they have more in common than politics. 

NakedSword Director mr. Pam says, "This is one of the most natural scenes I've ever filmed. Leo and Timarrie are fuck-buddies off camera, and their chemistry is so obvious and real which made the scene unfold very organically. These guys know what they are doing! Leo is such a talent, and Timarrie is amazing. Both guys are very comfortable with each other, so they really go there, which makes this scene a real standout!"

Berkeley: Sophomore Year runs throughout the end of March and features a sexy and diverse cast that includes: Campus Alumni Recruiter Wesley Woods, Freshman Timothy Drake, Berkeley’s Republican Club President Leo Forte and Democratic Club President Timarrie Baker. ANTIFA protestors Justin Brody and Teddy Bryce round out the cast, along with hung professor Dallas Steele and horny student David Emblem.

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