NakedSword Originals' 'Paris Perfect' Finale Now Available

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals has unveiled the finale episode of its end-of-year blockbuster, Paris Perfect. Episode 5: 'International Gang Bang,' features five models, including Falcon Exclusive Johnny V, Colton Grey, Theo Ford, Dani Robles, and Denis Vega in a gang bang orgy to end the series with a bang! For the past five weeks, NakedSword Originals' director mr. Pam has taken viewers on a romp through the city of love in this series filmed in conjunction with French broadcasting company PinkX.

In the finale, Johnny V and Theo Ford return to the house and, while the case of mistaken identity is solved, the 24-hour debt is now due. Johnny V and Colton Grey offer to pay up, but soon find out the Spaniards aren't after their money. In order to settle the debt, they must participate
in a gang bang orgy while it's being filmed. 

NakedSword's Director mr. Pam says, "This international gang bang orgy is just beautiful! The guys look so good together, and have such genuine chemistry, which makes this one of my favorite orgies to ever film; or watch, for that matter. Couldn't think of a better ending to such an entertaining and sexy series!"

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