Luxxxe Studios Toasts Brian Bonds' 2024 GayVN Awards Nomination

LOS ANGELES—Luxxxe Studios is celebrating Brian Bonds for his 2024 GayVN Awards nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Bonds received the nomination for his role as Darryl MacDaniels in Luxxxe Studios’ Friends in Heat Season 1. It marks Brian’s first GayVN Best Supporting Actor nomination.

“It's an honor to be nominated for the GayVN Awards,” Bonds said. “There is some really stiff competition, so to get nominated among this year’s greatest feels really great. There has been a lot of support since the nomination was announced. I really appreciate it, and I’m grateful that this nomination came from being in JD Daniels’ debut film for Luxxxe Studios’ Friends in Heat Season 1.”

Bonds co-stars alongside Luxxxe Studios exclusive Justin Yurmouth in Friends in Heat Season 1. In the first two episodes, “Blast from the Past” and “Client Privilege,” Brian performs duo scenes with Yurmouth and newcomer Matteo Neveah, respectively.

In “Body Heat,” Brian provides a solo scene before ending the season in “Let the Games Begin” with a threesome with Justin and Grabby Wall of Fame winner Jake Waters.

Luxxxe Studios CEO and founder JD Daniels remarked, “Brian truly deserves this for his brilliant performance in the award nominated Season 1 of Friends in Heat. I truly appreciate his dedication, time, heart, sweat and effort to help make the film a great success. He really brought Darryl MacDaniels to life in the movie. I am truly happy for Brian. He has worked so hard in the industry. He doesn’t just deserve this award, he has earned this award.”

On December 6, 2023, Luxxxe Studios Insider Robby Lewis released a video congratulating Bonds on his nomination on behalf of Luxxxe Studios and JD. The video included congratulatory messages from Daniels; Luxxxe Studios exclusives Yurmouth, Jayden Jaxx and Luke London; fellow performers Aaron Trainer, Reese Rideout, Dom Llamas and Ryan Carter; media personality P-Man; director, videographer, photographer, professional speaker, Mr. Pam; and the Friends in Heat Season 2 writer Stephen Michaels.

Lewis commented, “It was truly an honor to do that video for Brian Bonds. He truly is an amazing and loved person that has had an impact on a great many peoples’ lives. The fact that so many people wanted to be a part of this video for Brian proves he’s not just a star, but a superstar.”

Bonds began his career in 2010, working for multiple studios including Falcon, Next Door Studios (ASG Max Network), Icon Male and Lucas Entertainment.

He has garnered multiple awards including Raven’s Eden Award for Living Legend in 2021 and Raven’s Eden Award for Positive Influence in 2022. 

Director Jasun Mark remarked, “I met Brian years ago when I first started working on Fetish Force movies. His kind heart and beautiful eyes were magnetic. I’ve since had the joy of working with him as a crew member and directing him in scenes. Editing movies he’s directed himself and just having him as a friend. Having him as part of the cast of Friends in Heat was wonderful. His acting skills are excellent and his sexual performances are legendary but his dedication to his work... regardless of what he’s doing… photography, videography or performing on camera… is what makes him so special.”

The 2024 GayVN Awards Show is scheduled for January 25, 2024 in Las Vegas.

The congratulatory video for Brian Bonds can currently be viewed as the pinned post on Lewis’s X page, and the Luxxxe Studios home page ( starting December 11, 2023.