Lucas Entertainment Earns 39 Grabby Awards Nominations

NEW YORK CITY—Prominent gay adult producer Lucas Entertainment has announced that the company and its players have received 39 nominations in 27 different categories for the 2018 Grabby Awards.

Most notably, the studio’s main streaming website,, is nominated for Best Video Site and a companion site Lucas Raunch is nominated for Best Fetish Site.

Leading the other nominations are top models Dylan James, Devin Franco, and Dakota Payne. Dylan, among his six nods, is in the running for Best Versatile Performer and Hottest Cock, whereas Devin is up for Best Actor and Hottest Bottom. Both Dylan James and Devin Franco are up against one another for Performer of the Year, and Dakota Payne has nominations in the categories Twink Performer and Best Newcomer.

Ass-Fucking Alpha Males is being considered for the Best All-Sex Movie and Must Seed TV is up for Best Movie/Web Series. The movie also earned Michael Lucas the Best Director nomination and Rocky Andrews the Best Screenplay nom. In addition, Must Seed TV is in the running for Best Videography, making it one of the most popular gay porn movies of 2017.

The Grabbys will held on Saturday, May 26, 2018, in Chicago at the Metro Theater.

Here is a complete list of Lucas Entertainment’s nominations:

Twink Performer:
Klim Gromov
Dakota Payne

Best Newcomer:
Ruslan Angelo
Dakota Payne
Jackson Radiz
Aaden Stark

Best Actor:
Devin Franco (Must Seed TV, Lucas Entertainment)

Best Screenplay:
Rocky Andrews (Must Seed TV, Lucas Entertainment)

Hottest Top:
Andre Donovan
Dylan James

Best Versatile Performer:
Dylan James
Aaden Stark

Hottest Bottom:
Devin Franco

Hottest Cock:
Dylan James

Hottest Body:
Tomas Brand

Best Videography:
Fliktor (Must Seed TV, Lucas Entertainment)

Best Group:
James Castle, Klim Gromov, Rickey Verez, Andrey Vic (Ass-Fucking Alpha Males, Lucas Entertainment)

Best Duo:
Dylan James, Ricky Verez (Bottom Boy Bitches, Lucas Entertainment)

Best All-Sex Movie:
Ass Fucking Alpha Males (Lucas Entertainment)

Hottest Flip:
Dylan James, Scott DeMarco (Bareback Auditions 08: Fresh Additions, Lucas Entertainment)
Devin Franco, Lee Santino (Gentlemen 19: Hard At Work, Lucas Entertainment) 

Performer of the Year:
Devin Franco
Dylan James 

Hottest Rimming:
Ace Era, Devin Franco, Damon Heart (Bare Tenders, Lucas Entertainment)

Best Director:
Michael Lucas (Ass-Fucking Alpha Males, Lucas Entertainment)

Best Threesome:
Dylan James, James Castle, Bogdan Gromov (Ass-Fucking Alpha Males, Lucas Entertainment)
Rico Marlon, Damon Heart, Cody Winter (Raw Double Penetrations 06: No Holes Spared, Lucas Entertainment) 

Best Supporting Actor:
Damon Heart (Bare Tenders, Lucas Entertainment)
Shawn Reeve (Must Seed TV, Lucas Entertainment) 

Best Still Photographer:
Adam Biro

Best Art Direction:
Ass-Fucking Alpha Males, Lucas Entertainment
Must Seed TV, Lucas Entertainment

Best Director of a Movie or Web Series:
Michael Lucas (Must Seed TV, Lucas Entertainment) 

Best Movie of Web Series:
Must Seed TV, Lucas Entertainment

Best Video Company Site:

Best Live Cam:

Best Fetish Site:

Steamworks Fan-Favorite Movie:
Fuck N Cuck, Lucas Entertainment