Heteroflexible Set to Debut New 'Femboyish' Scene Sunday

MONTREAL—Heteroflexible, Adult Time’s first gay flagship studio for gay-curious straight audiences, is set to debut the latest scene from Femboyish, “Barefoot Femboy Gives Boyfriend A Footjob Finish." The scene will start streaming on March 31 at Heteroflexible.com.
Angel Santana is very excited about his boyfriend Ethan Chase, as the pair ignites a playful "tickle fight" on the bed that rises to the occasion with an intimate and intense sexual encounter that culminates in a footjob finish.
“For my first scene for Femboyish, I was really very excited, since it was the first time I played a female character; having makeup, shaving my legs, even painting my toenails and hands was something totally new for me as an actor. I only imagined my co-star's big cock ruining my beautiful makeup!” said Santana of his Adult Time debut. “Ethan Chase was a real and horny gentleman with me on and off camera! He helped me feel confident, and that definitely helped me relax and be able to enjoy his big cock naturally. It is worth highlighting the great participation of the director of the scene, since without a doubt having makeup, but above all wearing a wig is a great challenge when you have to do a porn scene! He undoubtedly helped empower me and bring out all my feminine, sensual and hot side! It made me feel like I was the queen of the place. I hope I can transmit it on camera and you can see how horny this great scene made me!”
Chase enthused, “I was so thrilled about having the chance to work with the sexy Angel Santana and getting to work with Femboyish for the first time was an absolutely amazing experience! Looking forward to watching this hot scene once it comes out.”
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