Final Episodes of 'Le Garcon Scandaleux' Now on

NEW YORK—After the first episodes debuted on the CockyBoys site in early February, the final two installments of Le Garcon Scandaleux are now available online. Shot on location in Paris by GayVN Award-winning director Jake Jaxson, Le Garcon Scandaleux follows the adventures of three models who embark on sexual adventures instigated by Sean Ford—the titular “scandalous boy.”

In the movie, Ford seeks to make the most of his time in Paris for Fashion Week by issuing a challenge to fellow models Cory Kane and Ben Masters. They're all to make old-school sexual conquests “fairly and without restrictions, on the street and in the dark." 

In the second-to-last episode, Carter Dane joins Sean Ford's party and discovers it has turned into a full-on orgy where two connections are made. The first is between muscle stud Chris Loan and Levi Karter, who connect instantly. When Levi arrives at Chris' place, he finds out that Chris left early to be alone with Levi. Chris drills Levi in several positions until he can't help but to say "Merci Beaucoup."

The second connection—between Paul Delay and Sean Ford—makes up the final episode, in which the City of Love finally casts its spell on the cynical, sarcastically witty Sean. After picking up Paul at the sex club, Sean joins the Frenchman on a late-night stroll on the streets of Paris and admits to his own hopelessly romantic nature. But it's when Paul takes him home that Sean really removes the mask and tops him while Paris serves as the perfect backdrop.

Director Jaxson said, "This was such a fun project to make and I want to thank the brilliant cast who really shine in every scene of this movie! I work with the best guys in the business and I couldn't be happier with the way this movie turned out. I hope everyone enjoyed Le Garcon Scandaleux as much as I enjoyed making it.”

All episodes of Le Garcon Scandaleux are now playing only on The series will run exclusively on Pink TV in April.

Pictured above: Sean Ford and Paul Delay