Eurocreme Has Trouble with Ex-cons at 'The Halfway House'

EUROPE — When young, brooding Jack Green calls in the local paper to do a piece about the ex-con Halfway House and suspected abuse therein, handsome blond Gabriel Phoenix is brought in to work on the story. Being fed horny story after horny story, Phoenix, although turned on and shifting in his seat, begins to realize the stories are just that.

As it turns from warden initiated exploitation to the inmates themselves being the ones in control of the whole House, Phoenix soon feels like he’s been played, and it’s far too late.

A twisted take on the lives of supposedly ex juvenile delinquents, Eurocreme brings the hot young boys they are renowned for and handsome older men only too happy to be taken advantage of together, and has created a fresh interview style movie that dips back into sexy setups and scenes designed to turn on the viewer from whatever angle they are watching from.

The Halfway House stars Charley Cole, Billy Rock, Lucas Phelps, Dave London, Matthew Anders, Jack Green, and Gabriel Phoenix.

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